Susan Nielsen

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Prime Rib Perfection with Gabe's Original & Mama's Mediterranean Meat Rub


  • Gabe's Original Dressing & Marinade Spices
  • Mama's Mediterranean Spices
  • Prime Rib roast
  • Raw vegetables or fresh fruit of choice


  1. Place Prime Rib roast in a baking dish
  2. Rub Gabe's Original and Mama's Mediterranean Spices (dry spices) generously over roast (coat all sides well)
  3. Bake in oven or Dutch oven per instructions for the size of your roast at the temperature indicated for the roast and your baking appliance
  4. You do not need any other spices (there are 18 spices combined between these two spice blends)
  5. Let roast rest for 10 minutes before cutting
  6. Place on platter and serve with raw or cooked vegetables or fresh fruit of choice


If applying spices separately, use Gabe's Original Dressing & Marinade spices as a DRY rub first. Then sprinkle Mama's Mediterranean a teaspoon at a time to roast.

If combining Gabe's Original and Mama's Mediterranean, stir thoroughly before applying to roast to mix the 10 premium spices in Gabe's and the 8 premium spices in Mama's.

Simply amazing and bold Prime Rib roast! Once you taste this amazing dry meat rub on your meats you'll be a Gabe's Gourmet Fanatic and will always use our spices on your meats in the future!

Keep eating boldly and deliciously with 50 Years of Gabe's Gourmet Goodness in every bite!