Steamed Clams With Gabe's Original Spices

Susan Nielsen

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Out of this world steamed clams prepared with Gabe's Original Spices as broth


  • 1-2 pounds of raw, cleaned butter clams or mussels
  • 1 package of Gabe's Original Dressing & Marinade Spices


  1. Rinse clams or mussels with water.
  2. Place clams/mussels into large stockpot.
  3. Pour one full packet of Gabe's Original Dressing & Marinade Spices into 8-12 cups of warm water and stir or whisk well (at least 60 seconds) to make sure all spices are mixed thoroughly with the water (or however much water it takes to cover the clams in the stockpot).
  4. Pour water and spice mixture over the clams/mussels in stockpot. Make sure to cover shellfish completely with 1-2" of water above the seafood.
  5. Cover the pot with lid and bring to boil.
  6. When shells have popped open remove the shellfish into a separate serving bowl. Serve immediately.
  7. Discard/dispose of water/spice mixture used to cook shellfish (do not save or reuse).
  8. Serve with melted butter or other seafood dip of your choice.


Add more Gabe's Original Dressing & Marinade Spice mix if you have more than 8 cups of water. You can also add white wine (your choice of blend) to the spice and water broth to create a different broth. For adults only.

Sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons of Mama's Mediterranean into the broth before it boils for a spicy kick.

Discard/dispose of broth used to boil shellfish (do not save or serve separately).

Enjoy 50 Years of Gabe's Gourmet Goodness in every bite!